How Uniwell4POS Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to leverage your social media to increase business?


Is it a challenge to get customers to engage with you on social media?


Could specific promotions help you to improve typically quieter periods?

Uniwell POS Australia and its development partners are focused on designing solutions that improve the role our POS systems play in helping you manage and promote your cafe. We’ve recently configured some new features of our HX-model touchscreen POS terminals into an easy-to-setup ‘Social Media Promotion’ concept.  Here’s how it works:

The idea is for cafes to post an Instagram graphic that includes a valid QR code that, when scanned at the Uniwell POS terminal, triggers a specific promotion (called a ‘Meal Deal’). For example:

“Come in and scan this QR code at the POS and get your coffee and cake for $10”

… without the scanned QR code, the coffee and cake are at normal price. Scan the Instagram post (on the customer’s phone) and the promotion will automatically be triggered, so that ‘Instagram Promotion’ and the discount amount appears on the sale screen.

Uniwell POS terminals can help you with your cafe social media promotions
This is a sample graphic suitable for Instagram

The sky is the limit with this concept… these promotions can be automatically Day/Time based, so you could have different promotions for a ‘Happy Hour’, or a ‘Cheap Tuesday’.  And you could promote these deals in-store to get people to join up on the spot.

Of course, this is just an example. You would need your promotion and its terms and conditions to suit your business model. But as you can see, with a little creativity, there are some exciting opportunities that you could take advantage of, using Uniwell4POS solutions in conjunction with your social media.

Please contact Uniwell Direct or your local Uniwell4POS provider to find out more

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